Thankful For :: 901 - 910


{still blank}

Yep, there are no words to try to explain what this last week has been like. It feels like a million years since I left the pharmacy, but it has only been a week. As I sit here, I have a knot in my neck from staring at computer screens and tiny phone keyboards. I've sucked back coffee, had early morning phone calls, set up Skype meetings, written blog posts, and been unsure what each day was going to hold.

Guess what?

I loved every minute of it.

*   *   *

Today I'm thankful for...

902. Molly Page (because she introduced me to 901 - in a roundabout, Twittery sort of way)

903. Skype

904. New coffee beans

905. Opportunities (people, work, dreams)

906. Peruvian Pink sea salt

907. Discovering new flavors

908. The five senses that allow me to enjoy good food

909. Hearing someones voice for the first time

910. Dreams coming true


What are YOU thankful for this week?

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  1. Glad you've been enjoying having your time to yourself again and have realized one of your goals... I really enjoyed your post on dreams. We really do have to remember to keep dreaming big!


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