My {5} :: Dress Edition

After several years of not finding a dress that I liked - I mean, really liked - I found not one, but two of them this summer. The first was this cute little green and while number by New Directions. Mine falls right at the knee, and even though the bow seems a bit odd in this photo, it's actually really cute in person. Best part of the dress? It has pockets. Be still my beating heart! Sadly, it's no longer available from Belk - but that's also how I got it on super clearance. {happy dance}

Dress purchase number two was this adorable little blue and white number from Talbots (sweater not included). I saw it in the store when it first came out, but I wasn't about to pay full price for it. However, my patience paid off, and when my sisters were in town a couple of weeks ago, we made a little pilgrimage to our local Talbots where I discovered that this dress was marked down, and then marked down again. Serious {happy dancing} time for yours truly as this is another one of those dresses that is going to stand the test of time.

We now move on to a dress that I don't own, but the delightful Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys does. It is so stinking cute, and if it didn't cost so much, I'd absolutely order one for myself (except they are out of my size - yes, I checked). It's cute on the website, but it's even cuter on Emily - so I'm sharing both photos (hope you don't mind, Emily!).

{Emily on the left, Dress Source}

{4 & 5}
Now, these two come from a site that I didn't even know existed until today. In fact, I didn't even dream that such a site could or would exist (no offence to any Apostolic Pentecostals who read the blog), but sure enough, it does. Meet apostolicclothing.com. While 99.9% of the clothing on this site is 100% not my style, I did stumble upon a couple of cute dresses which would make a nice addition to my daily wear wardrobe, and which round out this weeks list at #4 and #5.


What kind of dress makes YOU do the {happy dance}?


  1. haha, I would consider myself an apostolic pentey according to the definition in Australia anyway!!! How strange a name for a clothing site! Love love love the two dresses you bought - what scores!!! Love the other ones too but I reckon you got the two most gorgeous! Bring back the dress I say!

    1. Hmmm...that's interesting, Sophie (the Apostolic Pentey thing). Around here, most of the people who fall in that category have big hair and wear skirts all the time. And yes, I'm quite partial to the two that I got! :-)

  2. Love dresses 4 & 5! They look super comfy, but still classy. I'm not much into the trendish, big bows or ruffles or uneven hems, but I love the simple classic look.

    1. Nope, no trends, ruffles, or uneven hems - and I debated a long time about the dress with the bow, but in the end, it won out (and even Peter likes it). I agree that #4 & #5 do look comfortable (especially #4). :-) If we were still traveling overseas, I'd seriously be looking into adding one or both to my limited wardrobe.

  3. Those are some great dresses, especially the apostolic gray one :-)

  4. I like #2. That style would fit my body.

    Also love #4, but I'm not tall enough and that type wouldn't look good on me at all, but it's really cute!


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