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As I've discovered a new love of cooking, I've found there are a few kitchen items that I think are either worth the splurge or are really helpful for making life easier in the kitchen. Top on the list is a quality knife set - one that will last a lifetime if properly cared for. When I got all "I like to cook" in May, Peter suggested that we replace our Target knives (wedding gift) with a really quality set of knives for our 12th anniversary. Best.Gift.Ever. 

{Find out more HERE or purchase HERE}

I adore my Jelli Boards from Crate & Barrel. While I have the original boards with rubber feet on the bottom, the new boards have been given an update that allows them to maintain their non-slip status while also being reversible. I have both the larger and the smaller boards (the smaller are perfect for early morning lunch prep).  

We stopped at a Williams-Sonoma outlet in Georgia last year, which is where we picked up two of these Silicone Spoons. They quickly became our favorites for mixing, stirring, and cooking as they didn't scratch the pans and they were easy to clean.

Another "must have" from Williams-Sonoma are the Flexible Nylon Spatulas. I have three that I have taken all over the world and almost worn out, but I love them. Whether you're flipping pancakes, scrambling eggs, or scraping cookies and biscuits off baking pans, these are perfect for the job. I love them because they are light and easy to handle...and because they come in colors, which makes me smile.

Although there are several other kitchen items that have made my life easier (look for another list in the future), #5 has to be my Silicone Rolling Pin (which William-Sonoma informs me, is no longer available - look in stores or try Amazon). It's heavy enough to flatten dough easily, has ball bearings for easy rolling (LOVE that!), and is extremely easy to clean. If you do any baking (pizzas, biscuits, cookies), I highly recommend looking around for a rolling pin like this.

What makes YOUR "must have" kitchen list?


  1. I have a similar silicone roller, only it's a bit smaller. Works especially great for stickier doughs.

    I also couldn't live without my cuisinart immersion blender. Love it for mixing smoothies up really quickly - and I'm sure it will be great for making soups this fall!

  2. Very interesting list! i might have to buy some of those :-) It is really interesting looking at your "top 5" and then thinking about mine. I'm not sure I would have any of the same ones that you do. Of course I have spoons and spatulas and cutting boards but mine aren't "list-worthy"! I think my top 5 would look something like this: Bosch mixer, Pampered Chef garlic press, good set of knives, Pampered Chef liquid measuring cups (I use them as small mixing bowls, too - so easy to add several liquid ingredients one after the other and then mix right in the measuring cup), and Pampered chef scraper/spatulas. I really think I could probably become a PC consultant if we moved back to the States... they have some great products and living overseas I really use a lot of their products all the time!

    Link to the PC measuring cups: http://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering/prod_details.tpc?prodId=11000&catId=123&parentCatId=123&outletSubCat=
    Link to the PC spatula: http://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering/prod_details.tpc?prodId=190&catId=123&parentCatId=123&outletSubCat= I also love the "skinny" one - I think I have three and sometimes all 3 are dirty at the same time!

  3. I need, not want, NEED a fancy fish spatula. You know the long, thin flexible metal ones with the slats? We've started eating a lot more fish and I'm totally ruining the fillets with the clunky spatulas populating my kitchen.


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