Pulling the Plug

Last month, Whitney Johnson (one of our clients at Weaving Influence) took a week-end off. She unplugged in order to get away and allow her dreams to grow, and she came back refreshed and full of new ideas. I got a last minute call from Our Fearless Leader, asking if I could come up with a graphic for Whitney's blog and Facebook page after my co-workers, who normally handle such things, could not be reached or didn't have the time. Why not? Sounds like fun. I played around with extension cords and lighting and Picasa, and in the end, my photo wound up on Whitney's Facebook page and on her blog, while I did the {happy dance}.

But that's not what this post is about. 

The fact of the matter is, those graphics, combined with Whitney's post about unplugging and my habit of being technology free on Sundays, was enough to make me decide that I wanted an official blogging vacation. Working in the social media world makes it a bit more difficult to unplug from everything for longer than a day, but sometimes you just have to make it happen. Because of the generosity of my co-workers and the flexibility of the job, I now have a week off from my Weaving Influence responsibilities, so that I can  spend time with my family.

Which brings me to my point...I'm unplugging. Starting today. And I.Can't.Wait. Truth be told, Peter's pretty happy about it too - and that's an excellent reminder to me that while online relationships and networking are great, real live people want to spend time with me too. How can I say no to that?


Anyone want to join me?


  1. Looking forward to trying this someday myself. Though, honestly I'm not sure how long I'd last.

    A week is an impressive feat.

  2. I'm sure I speak for others as well as myself in saying, "WE MISS YOU!!!" But it's a great idea, and I hope you are having a very refreshing week unplugged! : )


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