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31 Days of Twitter Tips {an Ebook} by Becky Robinson

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{31 Days In Review}

Becky (who happens to employee me) has over 15,000 followers on Twitter and has been happily tweeting since 2009. She has focused on creating 12 Minute Social Media Tips, sharing ideas for taking just 12 minutes out of each day that can make a difference in growing your following, creating a brand, and promoting a product. Each Tuesday, you can find a new tip at Weaving Influence - sometimes about Twitter, sometimes about Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or various social media tools. On Wednesdays, we offer a shortened version of her tips on 12 Minute Media (I happily get to help with those), with links back to the original posts, just in case you missed them.


Since the beginning of May, Becky has been helping me navigate the world of Twitter. In three months, my following has gone from around 50 people to almost 700! She's a firm believer in supporting and promoting others, and that's just one of the reasons why I'm so excited about her Twitter how-to e-book. She selected the best of her 12 Minutes Tips that involved Twitter, brainstormed new Twitter ideas, and combined them into one convenient location, available at the push of a download button.

I feel fairly confident in telling you that you'll learn a lot from this book, whether you are brand new to Twitter, you tweet occasionally, or you're on your smart phone every 2 minutes sending an update. I read through the book four times during the editing process, and each time, I picked up some new tip or piece of advice that I found helpful.

Becky is an extremely generous woman, both to work for with, and in general. For the month of August, she is offering this book as a FREE download! If you choose to participate in the 31 Day Challenge, she will provide you with a free gift, as a way of saying thank you for your support and promotion of the e-book.

Are YOU up for the Twitter Challenge?

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