Play To Me, TPG!

If you asked me to give you a list of my all-time favorite songs, Happy Together by The Turtles would certainly make the list. It's one of those tunes that brings an instant smile to my face when I hear it start to play. I can't help but sing along.

And as much as I like the Turtles version, I think that this rendition (available on Amazon) by Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys might take over as my favorite. {In case anyone is wondering - no, I am not paid by The Piano Guys to promote their work, but how fun would that be?} Are you ready to be So Happy Together?

What's making YOU happy today?


  1. Ha! Loved this one! You're getting me hooked on TPG, Carrie :)

    1. Side note: thanks for getting this stuck in my head the ENTIRE time I was out grocery shopping today! :)


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