Thankful For :: 1081 - 1090

Lessons learned this week:
There will always be something else to do
Making time for people is never a waste of time
I've missed reading for fun


This week I'm thankful for:

1081. Pumpkin Spice Tea {I admit, I have a problem}

1082. Surprise gifts from the hubby

1083. Ready-to-cook chicken from Fresh Market

1084. Grilled corn (in the oven)

1085. Time to read and relax over the week-end

1086. Realizing that the best decision was made, even when I didn't think so at first

1087. Fun meals with family

1088. The wonderfully encouraging blog comments the last couple of weeks

1089. An afternoon spent with my mom

1090. This guy {yep, he makes the list almost every week - for good reasons each time!}


What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful for a good doctor's appt yesterday - for encouraging blood test results, and for a doctor who takes the time to truly listen. And I'm thankful for friends who've shared about my ebook! I still can't believe it's out there!

  2. I'm thankful I finally got a chance to read blogs I follow today, tweet and retweet to my heart's content and just be peaceful around the house in general after a busy although productive week.

  3. That I can eat and talk again! (after being ill earlier this week).


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