Haunting TPG

I hope you've been enjoying these weekly visits with The Piano Guys. I don't intend to continue it forever, but it's a fun filler for the time being. In the future, I hope you continue to follow them as they come up with creative new ideas to bring music to the masses. Most of their songs are available on Amazon or through their website, so take advantage of the "instant" feature and download some of your favorites from the past few weeks.

Today being Halloween, I thought it was fitting to listen to the piano work of Jarrod Radnich playing the theme from Harry Potter. You may recall that he started us out on this multi-week journey, when I shared his version of the Pirates theme. He's amazingly gifted, and whether you watched the Potter films or not, I hope you can appreciate the fact that he has taken a piece written for a full orchestra, and simplified it to one instrument without loosing any of the flavor.

What has been your favorite Piano Guys song so far?
Any Halloween plans?

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