I Can't Help Falling In Love...with TPG

I am not a fan of Elvis, but I do love this rendition of Can't Help Falling in Love from The Piano Guys. Last Wednesday, I got the nicest comment from a friend about how her little 5 year old came in each week and asked if it was "the Piano Guys day on that blog". How cute is that? Are you listening, Piano Guys?! I'm building your base, getting kids hooked on you early! You should absolutely hire me. Or at least say thanks. Commence breathe holding...

...or not. For those of you who might comment or are simply ready for me to end my pathetic attempts to be hired to promote The Piano Guys, I give you this weeks selection...get ready to fall in love.

Is there a style of music or artist that you found as a kid and you still like?
{For me, it was Scott Joplin, and hours spent listening to "The Sting" on LP.} 

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