Thankful For :: 1151 - 1160

Lessons learned this week:
Unplugging brings perspective
God is still on His throne, no matter what party is in the White House
He's still working on me


This week I'm thankful for:

1151. Opportunities to guest post on Thankfulness

1152. Conviction from God's Word

1153. Reminders that there is more to life than social media

1154. A car that works

1155. A husband who knows how to keep the car running

1156. My in-laws, for raising a man who turned into an amazing husband

1157. A delightful guest speaker on Sunday, and his reminder that we are "living epistles"

1158. The "It Is Well" reminder on my desk (get your own - they are on sale!)

1159. Being able to trust that God holds the future

1160. A time to get away from our regular routine and visit Montreal


What are YOU thankful for this week?

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