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For the last year (possibly a little longer), I've been involved in the most delightful email discussions with Jessica (of Life as MOM) and Anne (of Modern Mrs. Darcy). I believe we all met at the very first Booking It reading link-up that Jessica hosted. Whatever the case, we exchange emails with book recommendations, and it turned into a fun little, we've-never-met-in-real-life book club.

Last week, we started emailing again, this time discussing what books we planned to read in 2013. These emails are never without lively discussions as we are very different in personalities, tastes, and stages of life. Jessica hit 4-0 on her last birthday, Anne is nicely in the middle, and I'm the "baby" of the group at 31. I love the way that Jessica describes us (if we met, one would get a margarita, another would order red wine, and the third would sip on iced tea - I'm quite sure I'm the iced tea woman).

But I'm getting ahead of myself! Towards the end of our book discussion, Jessica asked if Anne and I would be interested in co-hosting Booking It with her in 2013. Would I? Is a gift card to a book store ever a bad idea?? In other words - yes please.

Starting the last Monday of this month, you can find me in a round-table discussion (of sorts) at Life as MOM. In fact, head on over there right now to learn more about what we're hoping to read and how it all works - Jessica has spelled it all out. We'd love to have you join us, so mark it on your calendars and tell your friends!

Have you been a part of Booking It (not the Pizza Hut program) before?
Do you have fellow bookworm friends you exchange ideas with?

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