Thankful For :: Week 2

Lessons learned this week:
I really like vacation - even when I like my job
Make time to take the detour
It's harder to stop eating bread & sweets once you've stopped & started again


This week, I'm thankful for:

1221. Setting new goals and seeing progress already

1222. Getting more time to hang out with Peter

1223. Road trips

1224. Spending time with my parents

1225. The encouragement that God sends from the most unexpected places

1226. A feeling of renewal

1227. The opportunity to unplug again

1228. A stack of new books to read

1229. The smell of peppermint

1230. It seems a little shallow, but after-Christmas sales that help stretch the budget

What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. Hard to stop eating bread and sweets after re-starting... You know it, sister!

    1. Oh Lori, it's killing me! And I'm not doing too well resisting. ;)

  2. Yes, it certainly is hard to stop eating bread and sweets. I'm using the Noom app at the moment and it's certainly making me rethink how I eat - gulp! I realize I'm quite addicted to sugar and I do appallingly little exercise!!! Hmmmm. I'm thankful though because I did ask God to come in and help me lose the extra kg I've put on over Christmas and he is... through this app! Weird but cool.

    1. Great news, Sophie! Thanks for sharing! I'm there with you on the appallingly little exercise. I do better when it's warmer, but when it's cold, all I want to do it curl up in a blanket, read a book, and drink hot chocolate. ;)


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