Last month I shared a list of 12 goals that I wanted to work on in 2013. Invigorated from the success of paying off our mortgage, I knew that if I aimed high, there was a better than good chance that I might actually mark some of these items off the list.

Several of you mentioned that you would be interested in an accountability group on Facebook. If this still sounds like something you are interested in, send a private message through my Busy Nothings FB page, and I'll look into creating a secret group where you can share, ask for help, prayer, or encouragement as you work towards your goals in 2013.

Since it's a new month...well, still fairly new...I thought I'd give a quick update about how I'm doing with my goals, and what I've been able to accomplish that was not on the original list.

{1} Pay off the Project House
This has been debated, tossed around, reworked, and we're still not sure what's going to happen. 
The good news is that it's still within the realm of possibility.

{2} Read 75 Books
So far, so good. I'm keeping track of my progress on Goodreads and Pinterest, and I'm currently only 1 book behind schedule. Considering the craziness of the first 6 weeks of the year, I'd say I'm pleased. 

{3} Exercise 3 days a week
Not even close, but there's a hint of good news...
I've walked on the treadmill twice, walked with a friend once, and on Tuesday, I hiked down to the grocery store, over to the pharmacy where I used to work, and back home again...just because I wanted to get outside after staring at the computer all day. However, hands down the best workout yet this year was building a snowman and sledding for an hour with the hubby!

 photo 3157bda9-961e-4b02-8bd5-3fc22f3452cb_zps5898e7a3.jpg

{4} Tell my time where to go
Definite improvement in this area. I can't explain the difference, except that I simply started doing it. I've read more, worked more (even with a week off), watched more Masterpiece shows, cleared off my ironing pile, and kept a cleaner house since January 2nd. And guess what? I'm loving it!

{5} Completely clean out the backyard
Expect an update on this when warmer weather rolls around.

{6} Finish Project 312
Progress - thanks to the hard work of the hubster. [No, Project 312 has never been defined on the blog - let's just say it's something that needs to be done]

{7} Explore the James 1:27 Adventure
Still talking, praying, planning [Also never been explained on here, and yes, the name has changed]

{8} Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without (a no-shopping experiment)
Haven't done this officially yet, but I am shocked (and pleased) to announce that when I walked into Target last week with Peter to buy toothbrushes - it had been one month since I had been there! Target used to be my go-to place...now I'm too busy living life! Love it.

{9} Twelve driving lessons in the 5-speed (wish me luck)
Moving on...

{10} Unplug more often
Yes and no. I'm unplugging from work more often (I see the emails come in - via my phone - over the weekend, but I ignore them until Monday), but I'm also enjoying PBS/BBC programming via my computer, and reading Kindle books on my phone. Overall, I would say this is a success (especially considering I've read 6 books in the first 6 weeks of 2013).

100_9351_CBN photo 100_9351_CBN.jpg

{11} Memorize 52 Bible verses
I struggle with memorizing, but I'm using the card set from Samaritan's Purse to help me focus on specific verses this year. I may not be able to quote 52 verses by the end of 2013, but familiarity and repetition work for me.

{12} Pack more Shoeboxes
Honestly, I put this one on the list because I wanted 12 items and I was out of creativity. However, I already have 6 boxes done, so it's possible that I'll be able to double that number this year. Stay tuned.

Things that weren't on the original list, but feel like major accomplishments for 2013:

I was asked to edit a book (unrelated to my work with Weaving Influence).
And I said yes. {Eek!}

I was asked to join Jessica and Anne to host Booking It once a month.
One month down, and loving it. So honored to be included!

I invested of my time and finances to give What's On My Nightstand a trial run.
I made time to update the website, create profiles, and set up posts.

We paid back our Rainy Day Fund (RDF).
And set a new goal to save more.

1342175100314_CBN photo 1342175100314_CBN-1_zps8746d17c.jpg

What accomplishments and goals are you celebrating?

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