Thankful For :: Week 12

Lessons learned this week:
You cannot  make everyone happy
Facebook is, in fact, a for-profit company (a.k.a. stop complaining about the ads!)
It is possible to find comfort in filing paperwork (clearing clutter)

100_9412_1_CBN52 photo 100_9412_1_CBN52_zps0844aa45.jpg

This week, I am thankful for:

1321. A husband who encourages me to walk

1322. That I didn't throw up, even though I felt like it all day (for the record, I HATE throwing up)

1323. That we're not going to have to pay as much in taxes as I was fearing

1324. Weekly trash pick-up

1325. A fun, unexpected meal with friends - cooked over a real fire (mmm...)

1326. Another good week of my parents adjusting to their "new normal"

1327. A nice filing cabinet

1328. YouTube

1329. I know this is on here all the time, but...The flexibility of my job!

1330. Reliving my childhood by watching The Cosby Show

What are YOU thankful for this week?
Do you have a favorite Cosby Show episode?

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