When There's Nothing To Say

Is it better not to say anything at all? After working my way through the financial payoff process, and announcing my intention to turn it into a book, it feels like I've used all of my words. I've been reading a lot, working a lot, and spending time thinking about the future. When I get a few minutes to myself, I haven't felt like spending it on the blog. My assumption is that this is a normal part of any bloggers life. Especially bloggers who are only doing it for fun, and not to pay the bills.

Rather than blogging, I've been enjoying the organic engagement and interaction that has been occurring on the Busy Nothings Facebook page. It's easier to post a quick question or words to a song or a quote, not worrying about whether the layout is perfect or the pictures will grab attention. At this stage in my life, I'm enjoying the micro-blogging that is happening on Facebook, instead of the regular, one-way conversations that tend to occur on this site.

Not on Facebook? Here's a taste of what we've been talking about...

Apple computers, "Sherlock Holmes" playing the bad guy in the new Star Trek film, favorite hymns, and the pain that frugal habits can sometimes cause. If you're not already chiming in on these discussions, I would love to have you join us. The more the merrier! 

What are you into these days? 
Got a favorite online spot to hang out?

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  1. I know what you mean about life taking up all your words... me too!!!


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