Is It Okay to Be Thankful for Gratitude? (Week 21)

I'm so grateful for this week. 

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I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the Lord's love with a complete stranger.

I'm grateful for the calming words of encouragement from online friends.

I'm grateful for the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit to lead both Peter and I in the same direction.

I'm grateful for the flexibility of family and friends when we bring our curveballs into their lives.

I'm grateful for God's Word which never fails to bring peace.

I'm grateful for a hard working spouse.

I'm grateful for the reminder that nothing we "own" belongs to us.

I'm grateful for the ways that God continues to provide.

I'm grateful for a car that works, and tires with tread.

I'm grateful for jobs that allow us to pay a massive car repair bill.

I'm grateful for the listening ears of co-workers.

I'm grateful for hours to read for pleasure.

I'm grateful for spring rain storms and front porch swings and smart phones to take pictures.

What's making YOU grateful this week?


  1. Hi Carrie,

    Sounds like you have had an amazing week. I find weeks are awesome when I focus on what I have gratitude for.



    1. Thank you, David. Yes, it was an amazing week, and I learned much. Being grateful has changed how I view life.

      Glad you stopped by and said hello!



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