Yes, I AM... (Week 20)

I am thankful for spring.

I am thankful for porch swings and iced tea and shade trees.

I am thankful for surprise visits, unexpected opportunities, and chaos...

... Wait, what? I AM? 

Yep, I am.

But why?

Because I wouldn't have dealt with any of those things without certain loved ones in my life, and I'd rather face hard conversations and upheaval with them, than a boring life of calm without them. 

I'm thankful for jazz music, and candles, and $5 bouquets of fresh flowers.

Thankful for friendships found in the most unexpected places.

I'm filled with gratitude by the sound of bees buzzing through the open windows, money to pay for my car to be fixed, and the opportunity to say "NO" and remember there is more to life.

I am thankful for birthdays and my husband and homemade lemonade pie.

Grateful for encouragement and prayer.

In short: I am thankful for the simple, everyday pleasures, and a God to go to when life isn't so great.

What are YOU thankful for today?

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1 comment:

  1. I'm thankful for sunshine, a break from rain, and fresh blooming honeysuckle outside our door!


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