Common Sense Thankfulness (Week 23)

Last week, I ordered a pair of shoes online. I was so excited about them, dreaming about what they would look like on my feet and how they would make me feel. When they arrived earlier this week, I couldn't wait to try them on... they were going to take me from frumpy to fantastic in 2.7 seconds.

Cute, right? And how did they make me feel? Like someone was pinching my toes into a shape that God did not intend. Here's the problem with shoes and recovering shoe-addicts like myself: if they are cute, if you love the way they look, it's pretty easy to talk yourself into any pair that strikes your fancy, no matter how loudly your feet are screaming. 

While my head was telling me, "Put them straight back into the box, do not pass go, do not collect $200" my heart wasn't ready to listen. I knew I was going to need some reinforcements, especially as Peter hadn't seen the shoes yet, and, as I so often can, I already heard his voice in my head and knew what he was going to say (though he surprised me by liking the shape and style, but disliking the color). So I did what any woman would do... I shared a photo on Facebook.  

Once posted, I immediately got both sides of the shoe argument. There were those who claimed that no pain was too great for a good pair of shoes... and yes, these were a good pair. There were those on the flip side who wore white Birkenstocks at their wedding (you know who you are!) and rationally pointed out that there is no reason to wear uncomfortable shoes. But... recovering shoe addicts don't always think rationally, so I decided to sleep on it.

When I got up the next day, I put them on again. Within a few steps, I knew that those who were voting in favor of comfort over fashion were going to win the day. The one bright spot of the event was the fact that in my fourth decade of life, I've finally become choosy about how and where I spend our money. My momentary lapses of common sense when it comes to shoes and shopping are fewer and farther between, and I'm finally listening to my inner voice on a regular basis that says, "You're an idiot.  Peter will give you 'that' look. You don't need it. Put it back."

When Peter asked me if I was disappointed about returning them, I realized that I wasn't. They were fun for a little while, but my practical (and cheap) Scotch blood came through for me in the end. I have pictures of my day of fun, or folly, depending on how you look at it. And the whole incident was a good reminder of some of my more frivolous periods of life, times that I'm thankful our bank account survived, and that I would rather not relive. 

As I packed up the shoes, I was was able to say, with an honestly grateful heart:

 I'm thankful for the changes and growth that I see in myself, 
demonstrated through the simple act of returning a pair of shoes. 

100_9412_1_CBN52 photo 100_9412_1_CBN52_zps0844aa45.jpg

What "simple things" are you giving thanks for today?


  1. No pair of shoes is worth the pain... but then, I've never been a shoe addict. :)

  2. It's so funny, I never have thought of you as a (recovering) shoe addict! Well done you! Comfort over fashion every time!!


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