Simple Thanks {Week 29}

After almost two weeks of being under the weather, sniffling, aching, coughing, fuzzy headed, 
I am oh so thankful to feel human again.

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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  1. What am I thankful for?

    This is going to sound unfair: ... everything. Am I allowed to say that?

    I have mountains, I have pure air, I have sunshine, glorious nature. I have work coming in, new friendships, excellent food. I found a new physio who speaks perfect English 3 mins from home when I hurt my back. My best friend and I resolved a difficult conflict and realised again how precious each other is.

    And now I'm off 30 minutes up the valley for breakfast... at a friend's campsite... because I live in a place where people come to camp for their summers.

    Sorry you've been sick!

    Thinking of you :-)


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