When Life Gets Busy {Week 30}

Two nights this week, the hubster has not gotten home until midnight and the company he works for has not only bought him lunch, but dinner as well. He usually comes home to find me sacked out on the couch, phone in one hand (in case he calls), book in the other - sawing logs. To say he's been a little busy would be an understatement. But each night that he comes home, no matter how late it is, he still has a smile on his face and still enjoys his job. I'm thankful, so thankful, that he not only has a job, but that he has a job that he finds challenging and fun.

Earlier this year, my dad had a medical issue which took away his ability to drive for 6 months, and my mom became his sole means of leaving the house. This week, however, Mom had a scheduling conflict, so I got to chauffeur my dad. They kept thanking me for helping out, but the fact of the matter is, I'm thankful that I can help them. For 52 years, they have parented, loved, cared, driven, encouraged, and helped their five kids, so as far as I'm concerned, it's our turn. And it's an honor.

With the change up of my schedule this week, my work has been done at rather odd hours. My virtual co-workers (we're scattered all over the country), and my clients, have been superbly flexible with my abnormal availability. They've sent messages of support and encouragement, they've double checked my work when I ask, they've filled in and helped out, and I'm thankful for each one of them.

I've been thinking a lot about the "simple"things in life. Good health, a steady paycheck, the ability to put gas in my car, opportunities to share about Operation Christmas Child, finding ways to stretch a budget... all of these things are so easy to overlook when you're busy with day-to-day life. But each and every one of them is a gift, and a reason for giving thanks. 

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What "simple" things are YOU thankful for today?

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