#iamthankful {Week 42}

It's been a week of coming into focus. Focusing on what's important to us. Focusing on priorities. Focusing on the big picture, and then working out all the details that make up the big picture. A temper might have been lost a time or two, but it's always mine, never the hubs (that man is a genuine nice guy who puts up with me when I blow my top). All in all, plans are getting nailed into place, and in the end, we know that nothing is really certain except death and (ever rising) taxes.

Welcome Friday.


Frequent flyer miles and vouchers

2014 - which is shaping up to be a pretty cool year

Spreading pumpkin love throughout the house

Knowing that God is in control

Reminders to say, "if it's the Lord's will..."

Plans to knock a couple of things off the bucket list

Remaining #unplugged from social media (outside of work)

Free podcasts from Ravi Zacharias

Gorgeous fall weather

Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin muffins

{Happy Dances}

{I own no rights to this - go buy It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!}

What's making YOU thankful this week?


  1. time to think
    peace after a storm
    God's comfort
    sunny days and blue skies
    bloggers like you!


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