#Christmas Music Additions {2013}

Let's face it - there are only so many ways that one can sing "Jingle Bells"before it all starts to sound the same. I still remember the first time I heard Mannheim Steamroller, and it stopped me in my tracks - this was no Bing Crosby or Burl Ives! It was new, it was fun, it was different. I wore out their cassette tapes.

Gone are the days of cassette tapes, but once again I find myself wearing out the new Christmas CDs that made their way to our home this year. I'm not trying to rush through Thanksgiving, but you'll want to order these now so you can start listening to them as soon as the turkey leftovers have disappeared. Trust me. These are three that I would recommend you adding to your Amazon cart and bringing home for all to enjoy.


It started earlier this fall when I found out that The Piano Guys had finally come out with A Family Christmas. You may recall that I am a bit of a Piano Guys nut, so this was a no brainer to add to the collection, and it's worth your money. They are incredibly talented, and, as always, they play the classics - with a twist. Not sure if you want to indulge? Check out their YouTube Christmas channel and I think you'll change your mind.


While I was thinking about the first time I heard Mannheim Steamroller, it reminded me of a Christmas mix tape that my sister once had. I must have been 5 or 6 when I first heard it, but I absolutely fell in love with some of the songs on the tape (which included Mannheim). For much of my adult life, I tried to remember who was featured on that cassette, but this year I finally wised up and asked her. Though the tape is long gone, she remembered that it was Jon Anderson. The song that I remembered the most was "I Saw 3 Ships", so when I did a quick search on Amazon, imagine my surprise when I found 3 Ships: 22 Anniversary Edition. I ordered two copies - one for me (which I've worn out), and one for the sister who first introduced me to it. {By the way - who does a "22nd Anniversary" anything??}


A client actually recommended this one to me, via a Facebook post. With more than a passing interest in Jazz music, this group sucked me in immediately. New York Voices Let It Snow album is fantastic. Yes, they do a lot of well know Christmas songs, but their sound is outstanding and the arrangements are enough to make each song sound like it's being sung for the first time. If you like jazz, then this is one CD that you are certainly going to want to add to your collection. Very smooth.


I am not a fan of Will Ferrell, but elf makes me laugh, and so does the soundtrack.

Have you found any great Christmas music this year?
What's your favorite Christmas song or album?


  1. I love Mannheim, and TPG, but don't forget about the Boston Pops!!! We also enjoy the Celtic Woman Christmas albums.

    1. We have a large collection of Christmas music (including several Boston Pops!), but these are the three that I picked up this year, and I'm loving them all. :) Thanks for sharing!


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