The 2013 #WishList

For the past three years, I've shared my Christmas wish list on the blog. And even though "Santa" has already done his shopping this year (he's early!), it's still fun to dream, right? I do apologize that every single picture is missing from the 2011 list, if you click on the graphic box, it shows up. Another lovely technological annoyance that I'm too lazy to fix for my little blog, so you'll just have to trust me when I say... it was some cool stuff.

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A Book Bag

Available at the Literary Gift Company

A Set of Grammar Mugs

Also available at the Literary Gift Company

An Umbrella Stand

No longer available at Pottery Barn {sad sigh}

A {Stupid Expensive} Camera/Laptop Bag

Available at ONA


Available at YoZo Craft

Hymn Art

Available at Red Letter Words

Any Season of Poirot - in Blu-ray

Available on Amazon

What's on YOUR Christmas wish list?


  1. I would enjoy every single thing on your list - especially the grammar mugs & laptop bag! Great taste! :)

    1. Thanks! It's so easy to find stuff I like, just not as easy to fit it in the budget. ;) So... I'm online window shopping. :)


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