Things That Make Me Smile

Even though you don't know details (I explained that yesterday), let's just say that for the last few weeks, I would rather have been somewhere else. But I'm not there... I'm here. And life must go on, and bills must be paid, and work must be done, and all in all there are greater things in life to worry about. But even in the midst of all the distractions and family upheaval and shock over me "unplugging" for so long from Facebook (who knew THAT could cause issues?), I've found things to make me smile. Want to know what they are?

Yesterday, I sliced open a digit with a very sharp bread knife... but even as I was compressing my finger with a paper towel and hurrying from the kitchen, I felt a smile spread across my face as I remembered that I now had Jane Austen band-aids. And that made everything better. (Psst... jealous? They're available at Amazon.)

And then there was the fact that my husband pointed me towards TuneIn, which I've been playing the life out of Paris CafĂ© on JazzRadio.com. It's not all accordion playing (though the rendition of "I Did It My Way" on accordion made me snort), it's just nice coffee-house music, occasionally with people singing songs in French (which I can't understand, but it doesn't mean I don't like them). Oh, and it's FREE. {Happy Dance

And my blog post was shared yesterday. And kind words were said. And at the end of the day, let's just be honest, it's really nice when other people promote your stuff instead of you saying over and over, "read my post, visit my blog, I'm not crazy!" What? You don't do that? Oh, never mind. Well, because I'm grateful for those who promoted me, let me encourage you to follow The Strategic Learner on Facebook (especially if you are interested in leadership blogs and articles), and add @CBechervaise to your Twitter lists.

I started reading a book back in February and finally finished it earlier this month. It didn't take that long because it failed to hold my attention, rather that I kept getting busy with other things. Anyway, if you're interested in art or history or art history, The Monuments Men is a MUST READ, and is a definite page turner. I haven't seen the movie (when it comes to Redbox and I can rent it for $1, I might consider it), but you'll want to buy the book before they change the cover to some image of George Clooney rather than the real Monuments Men heros of WWII. 

And... snails. They make me happy. Even happier? Snails in mushroom caps, slathered in melted butter and garlic. Happiest? A husband who loves to cook and isn't afraid of trying more exotic cooking in our very own little kitchen. Now that's a continual staycation with style! 

 photo d4ab3f53-8544-4347-8ca0-71a5427c270f_zps465bcd8a.jpg

What's making YOU happy?


  1. Oooh I love the thought of Jane Austen bandaids! I watched the funniest but cheesiest movie on the plane - Austenland. Have you seen it? Very amusing!!!

    1. I have not seen the film, Sophie, but I have read the book - quirky, cute, easy reading. You can see my thoughts on it - as well as those of Jessica and Anne - in this post: http://lifeasmom.com/2013/09/a-review-of-austenland-booking-it-september-update.html

  2. Thank you for the smiles I had reading your blog this morning. The Jane Austen's bandaids made me chuckle. I miss your blog when you are unplugged. Sorry if life has been not the best for you lately. Thank you for the book recommendation which I'm going to check out

    1. Well thanks for the comment, Pam - it made me smile. :) Actually, life is fine, it's my attitude towards some things that needs to change, and I'm just tired of drama in various areas, but nothing horrible. And as always, God is using the various not-so-good things to teach me things, so it's all good in the end. :) Enjoy your weekend!


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