Sometimes there just are no words to explain the things that God walks you through. Right now, He's tightly holding our hands even as He pushes us far beyond the boundary of our comfort zone. So many days, I look at my husband and say, "What are we doing? Are we nuts?" 

To the world looking in, we probably do look like we've lost our senses. But each and every day I chose to trust that the God who is writing this crazy chapter of our life knows -- far better than we do -- exactly what we need, and what we need to learn. Most of the time I walk around in a state of silent, continual prayer. When the future gets too overwhelming, I take a deep breath and remember: He is writing our story

In many ways, it feel as though we're at a crossroads, much like the early Church on Good Friday. On Friday evening, Jesus was dead, His mother was weeping, and His disciples scattered. Fear and uncertainly were rampant among those who had followed Him, and I'm sure there were many who were wondering how they could have been so misled. But Friday is not the end of the story

The world of the Apostles was turned upside down in a matter of hours. Although they spent three years with Jesus, they still did not know Him. They were blind to the wisdom He shared in parables, missing the point and focusing on the kingdoms of earth. You know what? I can identify with them. Sometimes I am so focused on the uncertainties and the what ifs that I overlook the big picture. I can only see the "Friday" of my story. 

When my world is shaky, I cling to one truth above all else: that the God who gave His Son, the Son who died for my sins, and the Holy Spirit who provides conviction and guidance in this earthly sojourn - this God will never leave me. He will never abandon me on this road, nor forget me in this story He is writing. 

Do you want to know something exciting? God is writing your story too. And it's not going to look anything like mine, but it will be beautiful, if only you will trust Him, obeying when He calls you, following where He leads. It may feel like Friday... but praise the Lord, Sunday is coming!

He has Risen, Indeed!

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  1. Love this post so much Carrie, I don't know what your situation is but your comment that "Friday is sometimes all we can see but it's not the end of the story" is beautiful. I read a fox news article this week by a Rabbi who said that the Hebrew word for Egypt (talking of the Passover) is Mitzrayim which literally means narrow or tight places. His comment was that just as the Passover (and I add, the Cross) was about God's redemption of us out of tight places, so he continues to deliver us every day out of our tight places. Have a beautiful Easter, I can't wait to hear about your Sunday xxxx


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