#FoodForThought: Things That Caught My Attention

  • Are you worried about Ebola? Read this... a rational look at Ebola in the States, from someone who has lived through one Ebola outbreak already, and chooses to remain: ParadoxUganda
Teach them to fish...
  • She made a coat, and then she gave them jobs. She saw a need, and filled it. But best of all, she did not allow her past to dictate what she could become. 

Raising daughters...
Dancing priests...
  • This has got to be one of the most fun videos I've seen in a while. Forget the fact that they are priests... these guys can DANCE! And the singers aren't bad either. Watch the Dance-Off.
And in my own backyard...
  • Tom and Jerry decided to put on a show for me this week.

What's catching your attention in your world?

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  1. Oh wow wow wow Carrie, I watched Veronika's video and the dancing priests. The first was incredibly moving, the second just a lovely little moment of happy dancing! So glad I stopped by. xxx


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