A Look Back: #iamthankful for 2014

What a year 2014 has been. Some of the highlights are personal, some have been very public (#HouseToHome2014), but all of them have served as valuable lessons that continue to help shape us into who we are as individuals and as Christians.

Personal growth happened, and even if no other goals or dreams were met in the last 12 months, that is enough for me. Fortunately, some of those dreams I mentioned last January were met as well, even if they were never talked about online. Not everything is for sharing - my lesson of 2014. 

For difficult days when the light seems dim

For that moment when God illuminates the answer and reminds you that you can trust Him

For bags and coffee mugs

For travel

For pictures to re-live fun memories

For stacks of books

For our home

For the people who helped us with #HouseToHome2014

For financial provision and reliable transportation

For unexpected gifts

For moments of panic that bring God's love into focus

For laughter and love, fellowship over pizza, and encouragement

For jobs that keep us on our toes and provide for future dreams

For the knowledge that we don't know what 2015 holds

For the peace of knowing He who holds the future

Happy New Year!

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