It's Back, Because I Need The Reminders: #iamthankful

You've probably noticed that I went pretty quiet on the blog in 2014. I'm making no guarantees as to how often you'll hear from me in 2015, but one thing I do know, I miss the thankfulness lists and I need the personal reminder to be mindful of how much I have been given. And though it will be posted as randomly as anything else I post, the #iamthankful blog list is back.

I invite you to join me in 2015 - let's count our blessings, and give thanks for the trials because of the hard lessons that they teach us. Easier said than done, but nothing is achieved without practice, so let's practice together!

Promises from God's Word

Comfort from a loving spouse

Praying friends

A beautiful home for working, living, and ministry

Confidence that no matter what tomorrow holds, I know He's holding me

A tree in our living room, filled with ornaments that remind me of fun times

Orange juice

Hot tea

More than anything else, this year or ever, I am thankful for Jesus and His work in my life.

*  *  *  *  *

This Christmas, don't just count your gifts, count your blessings. 

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  1. I wish I could post a photo of my joy jar for 2014. If I could you would see it is overflowing. Each day I wrote one thing I am thankful for. About midway through the year I also wrote a prayer. I also had a thankful list in my journal. It isn't that I'm not overflowingly thankful every day, but I'm trying to decide what to do in 2015. I'm thinking joy jar for what I am thankful for and use my journal for the prayer part of it. I'm glad I have a sister thankful partner. God bless your 2015 with His best for you and your family.


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