#iamthankful - Because I Survived Today

Did I mention it was the first day back after 12 days off for the holidays? Did I mention that no matter how much I like working from home, I prefer my days spent reading books for fun? And did I mention that no matter what my intentions are when the day begins, I somehow find myself slipping back (far too easily) into old habits? 

Posting today, because it's Monday, and at the end of the day, I am still thankful.

For new notebooks and old pens

For worn Bibles and yet-to-be-underlined verses

For an understanding spouse

For a lunch on the go of smoked Gouda and cracked pepper crackers

For first generation smart phones

For lofts and carpet squares, small chairs and big stuffed cows

For candles that cozy up the house

For the people who haven't taken down their Holly Jolly lights yet

For timely reminders via text

What's on YOUR list?

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