All The Children of The World

I don't normally go political or controversial online. In my mind, it's not the correct venue. However, watching everything that is going on in our country, I feel compelled to say something. When you look at everything that is going on around us, it puts what I am dealing with (all basically good things, just stressful) in perspective. People point the finger at race, hatred, and a lack of respect, but the truth is that those are just the outward signs.

These issues didn't start 2 years ago, or 200 years ago... this started the day that Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sin entered the world. Sin - and it's consequences - are evil, destructive, and point out why - red, yellow, black, or white - we are ALL in need of a Savior.

One needs only to read a page or two of a history book to realize that people have always found and created reasons to hate each other, to fear other races, to consider themselves superior to one another. This isn't unique to the United States or even unique to black/white relations, because prejudice crosses all boarders and races. Having lived outside of the U.S. I have been the minority before, and I can empathize with how it feels to have assumptions made about me because of my skin color. I know how frustrating it was, and how angry I felt to be unfairly judged by people who didn't even know me. I still feel that way.

Singing Kumbaya and "sitting down to talk" is a nice idea and it doesn't hurt, but it isn't going to fix the core problem. Protesting usually leads to rioting, which only causes the divide to widen as people are given more reasons for distrust to grow. The ONLY answer to this heart issue is the hope and love of Jesus, lived out through our lives, shared freely.

Here's the deal: I was born a pasty, Scotch-Irish white - it wasn't a choice. I have dear friends who were born with deep chocolate brown skin. We're adopting 5 beautiful, forever tan, children. We have lived, worked, and worshiped in countries and with people of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. BOTTOM LINE: people are PEOPLE - not skin colors - because I serve a God who created us all, who sent His Son to die for us all, and who offers the free gift of salvation to us all.

As a country, we are incredibly divided - politically, racially, morally - but for those of us who follow Christ, now more than ever, we must stand as a united front, offering the ONLY solution, our Hope. Jesus Christ. No politician can save this country. No one race is always right or always wrong. Academics and news anchors can't tell us how to fix this problem. But, my brothers and sisters in Christ - we have the Answer, and we can make a difference, but it means getting way outside of our comfortable Sunday pew. This world is not our home - it's time we started acting that way. 

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." 
John 3:16

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