What's On My Nightstand #WOMNS (Summer Mystery Edition)

Summer 2018 seems to have been the season for discovering new (to me) British mystery stories. As stated previously, I've long been a fan of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and their respective detectives, but this summer I not only stumbled across the Death in Paradise books, but a lovely little series called the Lady Hardcastle Mysteries by T.E. Kinsey.

Thanks to our Amazon Prime account (which I love, but hate that they recently raised the yearly fee - again), through the Prime lending library I was able to read A Quiet Life in the Country (Book #1) for free. I will now state that this is a brilliant marketing ploy, because I got sucked in to the series and purchased the second book, In The Market For Murder (albeit with credits that I got on Prime Day). But even if you didn't have credits for a free book, the Kindle editions in this series are currently priced at $1.99, which isn't bad for a new book (but if you insist on paper, those are currently listed for $6.99).

Let's get one thing straight from the start - these are not the best mystery books I've ever read, but they have relatively good character development (I did feel like a book was missing between #1 and #2) and unique plot lines. Set in the early 1900's, Lady Hardcastle and her faithful servant, Armstrong, are unique in their independence and abilities (Lady Hardcastle drives her own car, while Armstrong is trained in martial arts and isn't afraid to use those skills when necessary), and the local police are soon calling on them for a cup of tea and help with the latest murder case. Whether they are chasing jewel thieves or rounding up local poisoners, Lady Hardcastle and Miss Armstrong keep things light and steer clear of the blood and gore.

Although not on par with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, T.E. Kinsey has written an entirely enjoyable series of books, and continues to churn them out (Book #4 - A Picture of Murder - will be released on October 22). For $1.99, they have made a delightful addition to my Kindle bookshelves, and I look forward to more Hardcastle and Armstrong escapades in the future.

What's on YOUR nightstand (or Kindle)?


  1. I've tried to get into the first Lady Hardcastle book a few times now, and I think it's just too lighthearted for me. The characters are fun but there's no tension - no reason to keep me occupied with the story.

    1. I get that response, Elizabeth. I think the second one was better. As I mentioned, they are not the best books I've ever read, but if you're just looking for some light mystery reading at the beach or doctor's office, they're not bad (and they're not gory, which is my main thing).


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