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On November 3, 2009, I wrote my first blog post. It was short, sweet, and to the point. It explained why I was here, back online again after writing a blog (now long gone) when the Hubs and I were childless, globe-trotting missionaries. 

Over the years I have written about books, finances, recipes, kids, marriage, being an INTJ, spiritual growth, anxiety (that's the post that started to kill blogging for me), and, of course, my love of all things pumpkin. When I had nothing better to do, I blogged five days a week. I was consistent, and even beginning to build up a tiny little following of friends - both the online and real-life kind. 

But seven years ago, our life was turned right side up, and blogging took a backseat. I still enjoyed writing, but even though I would start out strong in January, I always seemed to run out of steam around April. Last year I almost made my goal of writing one post a month, and then over-achieved at the end of the year to make up for the months I missed. 

When I began this venture, blogging was still relatively new. All the "big-time" bloggers weren't that big yet, but compared to my little dot in the online world, it felt HUGE when women like Jessica or Crystal or Anne took notice of me. While they've all gone on to be Life as Mom, Money Saving Mom, and Modern Mrs. Darcy...I failed to find an audience, a following, or a niche that was uniquely me. I joined photo challenges, participated in blog hops, and embraced the William Morris Project

And even though I didn't become a big-name blogger who was invited to speak at events or offered a book deal, I did meet some wonderful people along the way. Through a blog hop, I met Molly (who introduced me to the woman I've now worked with for the last 11 years). I met Elizabeth, who became a dear "real-life" (we've only ever met in person three times!) friend and prayer partner. Because of the blog, I became online friends (or Facebook friends) with other women who were kind enough to leave comments over the years, women that I never would have met had I not been bored that November day, 14 years ago...and #iamthankful.

These days my life is anything but boring. Seven years ago we adopted five children from Costa Rica. Three years ago I started homeschooling after COVID shut everything, including their schools, down, which we have continued to do, year-round. Last year the Hubs quit his "safe" office job as an electrical engineer working in the aviation industry in order to become self-employed, working on small engines and automobiles of all sizes, out of the workshop in our backyard. I continue to do freelance proofreading at night, after everyone's in bed. Add to all of that that a need to help aging parents, provide guidance for an adult child, fulfill a desire to practice regular hospitality, and try to find time to catch up with each other, read a book, or do anything else, and the blog just doesn't fit this season.

I've felt guilty about this, and disappointed in myself, but last week I was walking before the events of the day began, and was listening to a podcast by Jon Acuff. He was talking about how we have as much time as we have, but not enough time for everything, and learning how to prioritize it. Honestly, most of what he said wasn't rocket science, but it made me think about the blog again, and I realized...this is something I can say "no" to doing. It's not that I've really been doing it anyway, but officially saying farewell to the idea of it. And that thought, in and of itself, was freeing.

I don't know if anyone will even see this. I don't know if anyone will care. But if anyone is out there...thanks. Thanks for reading, for the occasional comments, and for the support over the years. I still love writing, when the mood hits, but this no longer feels like the outlet for me. I'm not closing it down, just leaving this post as a note, for anyone who stumbles upon it, to know that I have been here, I have tried, and now life is taking me in a different direction. Thanks for stopping by...now go and live life in the real world. Simply, in community, and with purpose.


("Ta Ta For Now" - Tigger)


  1. I know the feeling Carrie, it's been a pleasure getting to know you through the blog world. I quite blogging a while back because I felt it was sitting in the corner glaring balefully at me. I now wrote but only when I feel like it and only for the joy of simply putting words on paper, not with an eye to followers or likes. Sending you lots of love in this new season and wishing you great fulfillment

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. Will miss your words, but am grateful that our 'real life' friendship continues strong. Thankful for you, friend!

  4. I see you and I will miss see you in my feedly feed. I am so thankful that you wrote that first blog post, and so thankful for you!

  5. Oh Carrie I have loved your blog, which I probably found with a search around the words “aviation” and “husband”. I especially loved the story of your romance, learning along with you re the pomodoro method, and being inspired by your search for simplicity. I’ll always look forward to more posts! - Ali

  6. I don’t know if you’ll see this or if you’ve fully moved on, but I have loved your blog over the years. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your book reviews and your accountability group way back a decade ago! Life is very different for me now, too, with two little kids at home and I often struggle immensely to say yes to everything. Thanks for the permission giving (a la Jon Acuff) and for all the wonderful, encouraging, and insightful posts (and especially ”just” the busy nothing posts) over the years. Will miss following along.
    PS my parents were recently at a Graham family funeral (Somerville) and I wondered afterwards if I missed my chance to meet you after all these years, if you had attended!


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