Life, Liberty, and Free Samples for All

This week has been a good one for groceries and freebies. On Monday, while perusing our local Dollar Tree, I picked up the last 4 packages of Nature's Own Whitewheat Hotdog Buns for $1/each. Score! I brought them home, wrapped them in aluminum foil, stuck them in Ziploc bags and stashed them in the freezer for later. I was super excited because I has just used our last pack that I purchased at Dollar Tree back in early May - woo hoo! Stick those babies in the microwave to defrost and in 30 seconds or less you've got hotdog buns for your cookout.

Yesterday morning I had Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes waiting for me on my front porch - for FREE! That's right - a full-sized box of mashed potatoes with 2 packets inside, just waiting to be part of dinner one night. In addition to the box of potatoes was a $0.50/off one box coupon, which means (since my local grocery store doubles coupons up to $0.50) I'll get $1/off the next box and when combined with a sale, that means CHEAP instant (read - EASY) potatoes! WOO HOO!! How did I get this? About 6-8 weeks ago I signed up for a free "sample" online, and yesterday a full-sized box was waiting for me. [SIGH] Happiness is free (full-sized) samples of stuff you would normally buy.

Last night I ran down to the grocery to get some milk and before checking out decided to check my coupons to see if any great deal was about to expire. Glad I looked. Again, several weeks ago I signed up for a FREE box of Lipton teabags (up to $4) and that coupon was about to expire. I made my way to the tea aisle and came home with a box of 100 Lipton teabags for FREE (a savings of $3.48). [HAPPY DANCE]

Yes, I took a picture. [SMILE]


  1. You rock. You totally rock. I wish I wasn't so limited in what I can eat, I would love to really learn to coupon more.

  2. Hi Carrie! Here's some links I have bookmarked that you may like, or wish to share:


    The last one has a load of links to coupons, blogs, and articles for saving money! The one I use the most is retailmenot! Gives discount coupon codes for online purchases! Cool!

    Love and blessings, Linda


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