Dressing Outside My Box

I know, I know - I wrote that post asking people what they liked to read about and some of you said that you didn't enjoy fashion posts. If you're one of those people, I beg your indulgence and ask you to please check back later as I do write about other stuff.

For everyone else who doesn't mind reading about my clothing escapades, lend me your ears. I only worked at my outside-the-house job one day last week, which meant that I could play around with what I wore and I attempted to put together outfits outside my "norm", just to see how it went. Let's just say that hubby came home on Monday night and said, "You look CUTE!" Yep, that will work for me.

It all started with this skirt that I purchased last year on super clearance from Talbot's...


I brought it home and didn't know how to wear it or what to do with it. In fact, I was on the verge of donating it to the local thrift shop, but thankfully I have this habit which keeps me from making impulse purges. Instead of going straight into a donation bag, I move the questionable items from my closet to the closet of the guest bedroom. If they stay in there for several months and I don't ever think about them, then they are given away.

If, however, a situation arises like the one I just mentioned, I am able to shop in my own closet and not kick myself for giving away something I'm now using on a regular basis. Crisis averted.

Last week I was wearing a pair of capris and a shirt I always thought I liked, but the reality was that I was feeling rather frumpy. When I walked by a mirror, I was aghast to find that my bum was looking a bit saggy (thanks to the capris), and there was very little pep in my step. I went to the What Not To Wear website (while ironing) to see what Clinton and Stacy suggested to each of their makeover clients.

Almost across the board, they recommended skirts and/or dresses, with some nice tailored pants thrown in for good measure. I set down the iron and tried on the condemned skirt with a pair of my favorite heels. It was amazing how much better I felt, even though I was still doing regular household chores. With that experience under my belt, I tried two more outfits - one skirt, three ways.


Hello adorable outfits, where have you been hiding? Right in my very own closet? You don't say!

Now, for the more fashion conscience, yes, those are rubber Crocs that I'm wearing in the far right picture. They are both comfortable and washable - assets that are essential to me and that I have yet to find in a pair of "approved" ballet flats. Though Stacy and Clinton might toss my shoes in their trashcan, I don't follow everything they say - just general guidelines. While sporting my little Mary Jane's, I cleaned the tub, did laundry, watered plants, scrubbed dishes, and never once thought, "my feet are killing me", so I'm keeping them around.

Are you in a style rut like I was (and possibly still am to some degree)? What do you do to change things up? Have you ever spent time shopping your own closet? How do you stay true to you without conforming to the trends of the hour day season?


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