Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just realized I can schedule these posts...that's pretty cool! :-) Doubting that anyone will check this on Thanksgiving, but just in case - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Here are my final Thankfulness Items of the Month (basically a conglomeration of the last month of thankfulness)...

Cinnamon Roll (from a can) Turkeys I made for breakfast on Thanksgiving - lots of fun!

Carrie's November Thankfulness List - Thursday (26) THANKSGIVING!

  • The Things that are "Normal" - Waking up, having a home, food to eat, clean running water, reliable electricity, working limbs and a healthy body, a car to drive, money for bills, a loving husband, a great family, freedom to write this blog and express my opinions, a Church home, Salvation, autumn colors, sweaters, pumpkin-scented candles and soap, flannel sheets, a computer, internet access, friends around the world, pumpkin pie and turkey, a feeling of fullness, laughter and joy, and about a million-and-one other things that would take too long to list, but you know what I'm talking about.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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