My Name is Carrie, and I'm a Pile-a-holic...

So, how was everyone's week-end? Mine was busy and mostly good. Now it's Monday and time to write something witty about keeping a clean house or to tell you how I totally knocked out my desk and kitchen (pictured last week) cleaning projects and they are not only spotless, but there isn't a pile in sight. Well, that won't be happening today because that didn't happen last Monday. I started on the projects, and although my sink was clean, it's full again. You can see the top of my desk now, but the piles have moved to the windowseat in the library. Peter asked me this week-end, "Are you a piler?" Yes. Yes, I am. So, just because I'm an honest person and have no shame, here's what I'm facing today (and I know it's not that bad, just bad enough to be annoying and embarrassing if someone should come over unexpectedly!):

Problem Spot #1: The Kitchen Counter - I swear this has pile magnets built in because stuff seems to magically collect there.

Problem Spot #2: The Dining Room Table - Another stuff magnet location. I don't know why stuff ends up getting stuck there, but it does. It's also visible as soon as you walk in our front door, so I would like it to look nice and be cleaned off at all times. (P.S. Do you see the cute Christmas Tree Boat & Tote bag from L.L.Bean on the table? Birthday gift from my wonderful hubby - I'm a sucker for bags (?) and holiday stuff, so this was a BIG hit with me - and the best part was that he used Bean gift credit to buy it!)

Problem Spot #3: The Library Table - This is actually a lot better than normal, which is just sad. It looks so nice when it's cleaned off, but I have recently taken to doing our finances on this table rather than my desk. I think the office needs a re-do so it's more friendly to work in and I don't move to another room.

Problem Spot #4: The Library Window Seat - It just screams, "Put stuff here!" These smaller piles used to be one large pile on my desk. Yes, I think perhaps Peter is right, I am a "piler".

So there you have it - a tour of my trouble-spots. The thing is, I am, by nature, an organizer. Nothing warms the cockles of my heart faster than good organization. However, one of the things that I have learned is that organization is totally person-specific. If the organizational system doesn't make sense to you, you won't use it. I need to find a system that works for me and then follow through with using it (hmm...there we are, right back at personal responsibility and self-control again!).

OK, I'm off to battle the piles and take back control of my house: Round 2... :-)


  1. Have you read Julie Morgenstern? She helped me figure out exactly what kind of organizer I was...and now piles aren't such an issue. But dishes always will be...don't know how to get around that one.

  2. No I haven't, but I just looked her up on Amazon. Love the title of one of her books because I know it's SO true, "Never Check Email In the Morning: And Other Unexpected Strategies for Making Your Work Life Work" - I would add to the email thing, FB and blogs! :-) Thanks for the tip Heather!


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