Oh Cleaning Fairies...Where Are You???

And so the hectic-ness of December begins...we were busy all week-end long, starting on Friday night with a high school choir Christmas concert. I spent Saturday standing over large pots of chicken noodle soup and turkey chili simmering on the stove, learned how not to make a graham cracker pie crust, and devoured one of the best pumpkin pies ever when some friends came for dinner. Sunday was jam packed, including an early (and quick) celebration of my 28th birthday (on the 10th) and my brother's 44th birthday (on the 12th). It was a busy, interesting week-end, that left me feeling like I was in need of another week-end. Or a vacation. Or both. :-)

But on the other hand, Peter came home on Friday with these (for no reason at all - love that man!)...

and our house did look like this on Saturday morning...

...both of which are better than a vacation in my humble opinion. :-)

So, what does all that have to do with my normal "Manic Monday Cleaning" posts? After this week-end, my kitchen sink area looks like this...

Dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes on the towels and in the dishwasher that are ready to be put away...

And on top of that, in the mad rush to clean off those piles I seem to have missed while getting ready for our company on Saturday night, my desk (which was already bad enough) became the dumping grounds for all the stuff I didn't have time to deal with...

So needless to say, I (or the cleaning fairies if I can find them) have my work cut out for me today. It's time to top up the ol' coffee cup, crank up the Christmas music, and wait for the fairies to work their magic get busy. ;-)


  1. OK, this is a step in the right direction of living a less-than-perfectly-organized life. However, I think I'm much farther down along that estimable road than you are, if I should judge by your sink area and mine. ;)

    Stephanie, still not well versed in leaving blog comments, but diving right in. :)

  2. I love that you are blogging. It is so fun to see you and peek into your life. We really do miss you guys a lot!


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