Change is a Choice

I heard this on Friday morning while Peter was getting dressed for work:

Dresser drawer opens...
"WOW! Somebody did laundry! Not only did you do the laundry, but folded it and put it away! It's not just dumped on the bed. That's not 'almost', that's done!"

Yes, those lovely laundry fairies came to my house and worked on getting clothes cleaned, folded, and put away. OK, so it was really me getting my rear in gear and just doing it. In many ways it was sad that he noticed, but it was also encouraging that he noticed I was trying to change and he said something. He went on to tell me that I was lying to my blog readers because I didn't almost finish that job, I actually finished it!

But dear readers of this blog, I promise I don't lie to you - I just try to be honest and then improve! :-)

Remember these pictures from last Monday?


Well, here are those same "trouble" spots this week...

Looks a little bit better doesn't it? There's no reason to feel bad if my doorbell rang right now because the house looks OK - not perfect, but good enough. And good enough is OK with me. :-) There are still a few things sitting on the kitchen counter and the bed currently has another pile of clothes waiting to be folded (before Peter comes home!), but this is a lived-in house, not a show house. I'm still trying to find the happy medium between chronic mess and perfection. I've never even been close to the perfection end, so I guess I'm trying to move in that direction without going overboard.

This weeks goal is to tackle this:


I'm not sure how the desk ends up looking like this so often, but I'm determined to figure it out and then come up with a working plan to keep it cleaned off so I will actually use it. I'm starting to wonder if the desk itself is user-unfriendly. I have always loved this desk (it was my dad's), but I don't really like to sit there to work - I'm more of an open-space type person. I need room to spread out.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could optimize this desk and make it more user-friendly? I'm open to pretty much anything...so talk to me! :-)


  1. Cathedral Builder/StephanieJanuary 25, 2010 at 2:16 PM

    OK, about the desk. First of all, it looks like you need a spot for your bag. A hook by the coat closet maybe? And why do you have teacups in your desk? That could be more storage space. OR, you could leave it as is, and make your peace w/ it being a temporary, prettied-up storage space until you want to get out the bills and go to work . . . at the table.

  2. [SIGH] I know, I know! The tea cups are there because they were from my grandmother and I don't know where else to put them (I'm not really a cutsie, tea cup collecting person, but since she's passed away now, it is a nice reminder of Grandma). I think that deep down I'm just a table-person. Which means that maybe I should say goodbye to the desk, as much as I like it. It's just not practical for me. :-(


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