Exercise Through Laughter

I don't watch TV (I know, what kind of freak AM I?), but I found this clip from The Ellen Show on THIS weight-loss blog and I could not stop laughing! Ellen and I could not be more different in lifestyle and values, but she can sure make me laugh when she does stuff like this! If you want to see more, read the original blog post by clicking on this link: Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat.


  1. Hahaha, this was so funny. And like I was explaining to my boys the other day about some kids on the compound...when it comes right down to it, aside from lifestyles, values, cultures, languages, religions etc, 9 year old boys are 9 year old boys and women are women! She cracks me up for sure!

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Ellen video. I just love her show, because it's always uplifting and positive (and funny!).


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