Top 10: Movies

When I don't have anything to say (like today), I've decided to make lists of the "Top 10" of various subjects. I had a hard time picking just 10 movies - and I kept thinking of others that I would like to add to the list, so when you read the list, keep in mind that there are a lot missing. :-) In addtion to giving the list, I'll link them up to Amazon too so that if you want to buy one of them, you can click through my links and I'll earn some money back.

Carrie's Top 10 Movies (in no particular order):
My Fair Lady
Apollo 13
The Incredibles
You've Got Mail
Fiddler on the Roof
The Muppet Christmas Carol
The Emperor's New Groove
Star Wars (IV, V, VI)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl




  1. Bowron & Bowron give your choices 2 thumbs up! But I'd have to add The Lord of the Ring's Triology in there somewhere :) How do you get money back via Amazon links????

  2. Oh, there were SO many that I thought of while making this list. LOTR's was one, so was the Indiana Jones Trilogy and more. I might have to make a Top 10 Movies: Take 2 post sometime! :-)

    I signed up for the Amazon Associates program. It's based on how many people click through from your links and then how many go on to purchase the item. So far, I've had some click-throughs, but no purchases (so no $ yet). It's just something I figured it wouldn't hurt to try since I was posting links to stuff anyway. :-)

  3. cool, definitely going to have to check that out!


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