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OK, I wasn't sure what book to recommend today. I've got bookshelves full of books (in a room that we refer to as "the library"!), but I was coming up blank with book ideas. Then I remembered that was I re-reading one of my favorite Agatha Christie books AND I had just purchased (and watched) the DVD of the same name - so it must be the book I want to recommend! :-) I know, I know...Sherlock Holmes last week, Agatha Christie this week...what can I say? I'm a sucker for easy-read, well-written, old mystery novels! ;-)

Today I'm recommending Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. I've got to start off by saying that if you have seen the movie (done in 1974) you need to read the book because it's better. Much better. In fact, this book is one of my top two Christie favorites (the other being And Then There Were None which was previously published as Ten Little Indians).

One of the reasons for such a high ranking is that I've always been a sucker for train travel and one of my dreams is to someday travel on the Orient Express. In fact, when Peter and I got married 10 years ago, we talked about taking our honeymoon on the Orient Express. I even wrote for literature from the company. And then we here hit with reality when we realized we didn't have enough cash-o-la for even one night on the Orient Express (let alone the clothes we would need for a trip like that!). Bye-bye Orient Express. So, until I save enough at the grocery or find a "BOGO Night Free on the Orient Express" coupon, I'll keep reading the book! ;-)

The story centers around the murder of one of the travelers on the Orient Express and Poirot - who happens to be one of the passengers - must figure out "whodunit" before the train reaches the next station. In the meantime, the train gets stuck in a snow drift and there is still a killer on board. After questioning passengers and obtaining passports and all kinds of half-truths and full-on lies, Hercule Poirot - as always - finds the truth. However, the truth is a bit more complicated than one might think and in the end...well, just read the book and you'll find out! :-)

GIFT IDEA: If you have a mystery lover in your life, consider giving them copies of the book and the movie. The movie is loaded with big-name actors and, though it doesn't stick strictly to the book, it is enjoyable to watch. Both are available on Amazon and if you click on my links below, I'll earn some money back on your purchase. 


Happy Reading!

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  1. I'm currently reading "We Were the Mulvaney's" by Joyce Carol Oates. There was a PC game of "And Then There Were None." Ross played it, I'm not a Pc gamer.

    And I'm trying to think of something trashy and inappropriate to say...sadly and shockingly nothing is coming to mind at the moment, hahahaha.


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