Weeks End Deal Review

I'm still a total coupon/deal-finding novice compared to many of my fellow bloggers, but when I do find things that make my dollar stretch, I'm happy to share. You can laugh if you like, but this weeks "finds" made me do the happy dance. :-) Everything except the bread was purchased at my local grocery store (Ingle's) using in-store sales and coupons.

Financial Recap (L-R and not including tax):
  • Chocolate Mayfield Milk: $0.24 (used the milk coupon I got HERE)
  • Pepperidge Farm Bread (2 loaves, 6 hoagie rolls): $0.99/each (local store)
  • Laura Lynn (our in-store brand) Cottage Cheese: $0.91/each (Clearance price)
  • Stonyfield Strawberry Yogurt Cups (6): $0.31/each (Clearance price - love those red stickers!)
  • Tyson All Natural Whole Chicken Cut Up: $3.61 (in-store sale)
  • No Yolks Noodles (3 bags): $0.25/each (used three $0.75/1 coupons that I got HERE)
Full-Price Cost (no sales, no coupons): $35.34
What I Paid (with sales and coupons): $11.25
Total Savings: $24.09 (68.17%)

I'll take that, even if someone else did better. I'm just happy that I'm no longer blindly paying full price when I can get it for less. :-)

Also, with finds like these, the "Eat from the Pantry Challenge" that Jessica (Life as Mom) and Crystal (Money Saving Mom) are hosting has been a lot easier. With the help of coupons, in-store sales, and Christmas gift cards (can I count those or do I have to treat them like money from my pocket?), I'm under my budget this month - and I made the budget smaller before starting! :-) So...at the beginning of Week 3, I still have almost 57% of my budget left!  


  1. Great job! Over 68% savings is really good.

  2. How exciting!! I love to save money and find "a deal". I found some great deals before Christmas on hip2save.com. Check it out.

  3. That's impressive! I've got less than 15% left in mine!!! lol!

  4. Great job. I consider anything under 50% a good deal around here.


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