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My tip for the day is to make the holidays fun. What's that you're saying? The holidays are over? On the contrary - one holiday might be over, but there are more to come. Yesterday I took down all my January decorations (oh yes, I even celebrate a certain month!) and pulled out my February decor - hearts galore!

The January decorations - all ready to be packed up for a year; The heart-filled bedroom :-)
One of my favorite Christmas decoration items are the lights. It's so cozy to have your home illuminated by small twinkle-lights, and though I don't miss the pine needles falling on my floor, but I do miss the glow of the Christmas tree lights. This year, my loving, wonderful, and understanding hubby made it possible for me to enjoy lights for each holiday. He installed small hooks over the door between our dining room and our library, so I'm able to hang other holiday lights. In January, the doorway sported the "Happy New Year" look:

Yesterday, those lights came down and my cute February heart lanterns went up in their place. I've had these lights for several years, but never had a place to hang them - until now. :-)

I totally blame my upbringing for my love of the various holidays. When I was growing up, my mom always decorated for each holiday - including the President's birthdays in February (Lincoln and Washington). She had those thin cardboard cutouts with pictures on both sides (you might remember them) that we would tape to the windows (before the days of window clings), as well as those fold-openable (yes, I just made up a word!) hearts and pumpkins made from tissue paper. They were accordioned (another new word!) tissue paper that had hard cardboard on both ends, then you folded them open (which would make a 3D heart or a pumpkin or a bell - for wedding/baby showers) and clipped the two cardboard ends together with a little metal clasp. We even had a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Those decorations are long gone, but they have been replaced by "classier" decor (if that's possible!). The point is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have decorations for the various holiday/season or to make those memories for your family. You might not be as nuts about it as I am (with dishes for each holiday, pillows, blankets, candles, sheets, etc.), but here are a few easy ideas to bring some holiday fun into your home:
  • Grab a pack of paper plates and napkins (DollarTree currently has some cute Valentine plates and napkins - 20/$1) and use them for lunch or dinner with your family.
  • Cut out hearts from craft paper to hang in your windows, on your stormdoor or from an overhead light.
  • Stick a holiday hand towel in your bathroom.
  • Set out a red candle on your table (green for St. Patrick's Day, purple/yellow for Easter, red/white/blue for July 4th, orange for the fall).
  • Pick up a holiday throw blanket for the living room couch.
Make some fun memories - I'm so glad my mom did!


  1. I'm glad that this tradition has worn off on me as well. My favorite thing to do is break out the new pillows and decor each new holiday!!

  2. I love your Valentine's quilt on your bed. Also love your lights. I miss the twinkle of my Christmas tree lights.


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