Favorite Things: Clothing Edition

Apparently I have expensive taste. I think I already knew that from my teenage days when I would rather shop at Talbot's than Old Navy. If I had to classify my taste in clothes, I would say it was classic/simple - somewhat like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn (though without the great hair). It has gotten more-so in the last few years. I still have my array of holiday sweaters that come out from time to time, but give me a solid color cable sweater or a cashmere argyle pullover with some simple wool pants and I am one happy girl. As a kid, I was the odd one out because I was the 8-year-old in khakis and loafers while the other kids were running around in jeans and tennis shoes...and I was perfectly happy.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a service called "Shop it to Me" - I did it for the free Starbuck's gift card I would get if I could get 10 friends to sign up (that didn't happen). However, part of the service is that you pick your style and favorite stores and then they send you an email once or twice a week showing clothing items that they think you might like. I haven't purchased anything, but it's certainly been fun to realize that the clothing styles I like are still out there...they are just out of my price range! ;-)

For example, it's been several years since I've purchased a dress as I just can't stand the current trends and fabrics. However, a recent email from them had a dress from the J. Crew website...which took me to a new world of dresses. Since I tend to keep dresses for YEARS if I find one I like, I don't mind paying a bit more than I would at a store if I find something that really hits me. I really like the style and fabric of these dresses and they are certainly on my "watch list" if they go on clearance in the future (and if they have my size!). :-)

From J. Crew:
The Solid Embossed Beach Dress - I really like this dress in coral too.

The Cotton Cady Sydney Dress (also like it in black)

The Perfect Pencil Skirt - I'm a fan of the pencil skirt (I think it's so classic), as long as it's just to or slightly below the knee and you have the figure to wear it. Skirts that show your rolls (who are we kidding calling them "curves"??) are never a good thing. I'm just sayin'...

The Strapless Silk-Cotton Jenny Dress - I'm not a fan of strapless (or even sleeveless - though you couldn't tell from what I've picked today!) dresses, but I think with a little cotton sweater or scarf/wrap, this could be super cute to wear to a summer wedding. There's something about it I just like.

And I'll stop there. What kind of clothes do you like? Do you feel you have a "style"? Where do you shop? I'd love to hear from you and get some ideas too! :-)

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  1. I love the top dress. In fact, I bought a dress from J.Crew outlet that is almost exactly like it, except in Navy (and it was much cheaper that this one LOL). Same fabric, just not as much ruching in the chest area. :)


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