What We Do For Fun on Friday Night

Some couples go on date nights, some head out to see a movie or have a nice romantic dinner. Others go to plays or dancing or spend an hour talking over some kind of high-end coffee drink at their local coffee house. What do we do? Well, apparently we just fool around, take pictures of it, and laugh our heads off while doing it! :-) We just got an Extra-Large Boat and Tote Bag from L.L.Bean and when it arrived we couldn't stop laughing at the SIZE of it! It was so BIG!! After laughing about that for a while, Peter got the idea that I should get INTO the bag and he could carry me around in it. Well, that certainly says something for the strength of the L.L.Bean bag! So the next thing you know we were setting up the camera and I was climbing into the bag and here you have the end result! :-)


  1. That is hilarious! You will never have to walk anywhere again!

  2. Too funny! People on the street would certainly do a few double or triple takes if he carried you around like that for a while :)

    WTG LL Bean for fantastically solid stuff! :)

  3. Impressive! You should tell LL Bean. ;)

  4. Now your hubby can realy say, "Pardon me, I need to get my bag." This is hilarious, though. What fun you two must have! Thanks for stopping by my blog on yesterday's Blog Party post. I did a new one today. I didn't know everyone was going to take all of Lynnette's questions and answer them at one shot. Feel free to read today's if you want Money, Money, Money.

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  5. Yes that is definatly a large bag.


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