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I just got an email that my "bake your own wedding cake" story had been featured on the blog, Saving Money Living Life. Cool! You can read the blog post about our cake by clicking HERE. I have to give you a disclaimer though...the picture of a wedding cake in the post is NOT the cake we baked and decorated (though it's very pretty!). If you want to see the cake we actually served at our wedding (not to mention baked and decorated), here is the original:

We actually baked and decorated two of these, just to make sure we had enough cake. I'll just go ahead and tell you that we had more than enough! There is a Christian camp (Doe River Gorge) not far from us that my folks helped start and I worked at for the first three years they were open, and after our wedding, we sent the second cake to the camp for the summer staff to munch on. I heard later that it was gone by the next day. Hope they liked it! :-)

Final tidbit - we were so sick of eating cake by the time our wedding rolled around (we had eaten the parts of each layer that we cut off while making it), that we never ate a piece of cake with icing on it at our actual wedding! Everyone asked if we wanted to save and freeze the top layer (per tradition), but our response? "We baked it the first time...if we want cake in a year we'll bake another one!" :-)

So being featured on a blog is a little thing, but it sure made me smile. :-) Thanks Jessica and Heather!

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  1. Aww, yay, we are so glad we made you smile. :) Thanks again for submitting your idea. And, I can't believe your connection to Doe River Gorge--one of my best friends is from Johnson City and worked there. He actually met his fiance there and I'm going to their wedding in April! :)
    Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com


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