Friday $avings: Shopping

If you've visited this blog in the past three months, you know that hubby and I have gone on the South Beach lifestyle (I refuse to call it a diet because it's a lifestyle eating change that we hope to stick with). From my highest weight I have lost between 21 - 23 lbs. WOO HOO!! I feel great and have more energy...you know, the normal stuff. One thing I didn't plan on was needing to buy new pants, but when your pants are on the verge of falling off, it's time to do something.

I used to be even smaller than I am now, but several years ago (after I graduated from college and the weight gain started) I ditched all my "thin" pants because I was sure I would never fit in them again. I'm happy to say that now I can, but it doesn't help me any because they are long gone in a garage sale. Hmmm...and my goal for May was to not spend money on any extras. I've been wearing the pants I have and pulling them tight with a belt, but one can only look like a bag woman for so long before the need for pants that fit starts to get to her. So I headed out to Kohl's with Peter to do a little pant shopping. He really has great taste and makes shopping go a lot faster...I'm blessed! I found several pairs of pants that could work, but I was gagging over the $30+ price tags. However, while digging through the pants I walked around to the Clearance section and found these...in my size!

Can you even begin to imagine my delight when I looked at the price tag and saw this???

Oh yes, that says $5.99!!! I tried them on and held my breath...I even loved the way I looked in them! Yes, I did the Happy Dance right there in the dressing room. :-) When I was done I took all the $30 pants back out and left them for some other nice person to buy while I headed to the checkout with my $5.99 pants. I also have $40 of L.L. Bean credit that I'm hoping to use on pants from my favorite store, so between my local bargain shopping (love Kohl's!) and my store credit, I'm thinking I can finally have pants that fit again for very little out-of-pocket money. Will you do the Happy Dance with me?! :-)

I'm linking this up to the Frugal Friday post over at Life as MOM. If you stop by, please don't be a lurker...stop and say hello and share your frugal clothes-shopping tips. :-) Happy Friday!


  1. I love Kohl's clearance! What a great find for you!

  2. Yay!! I love a good find and a good price! Way to go!!
    Love Kohls!


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