Garden Update

Because of the colder winter that we experienced, I thought it might be prudent to wait a bit longer before we moved the plants outside. In fact, this year I followed the "rule" that was true throughout my childhood in East Tennessee...never start your garden until after May 1st (and I've even heard some say to wait until Mother's Day). I'm glad we waited because we would have needed to cover our garden several times due to the late frosts and chilly nights we had in April. So for now, all I have to show you is our basement plants and some lovely raspberry bushes that friends offered us for free if we would come dig them up! :-) We're hoping to get the plants out in the garden this week-end...

I'm going to try to do the lettuce in pots this year, so we'll see how that goes.

The pots with nothing coming up are pumpkins that I just planted...giant pumpkins! :-)

If you're wondering (as a friend did) what the plants are sitting in...the answer is water heater pans (they normally sit under a water heater in case of a leak). We found two of these at Lowe's that were dented and missing parts, but since Peter wanted them for the plants and was going to change stuff anyway, we didn't need the parts and we didn't care about the dents. We asked if we could get them for cheaper and they knocked $ off for us...woo hoo! He then rigged up an automatic watering/draining system (with a timer and sump pump and all kinds of things I don't understand - I just understand that it works!) and it's a wonderful system because I don't have to worry about remembering to water them anymore! I'm so thankful for a handy hubby!

I'm really hoping these raspberry bushes take off so we can enjoy their fruits in the future!

We did a much smaller garden this year compared to last year, but we're growing the stuff we know we will use and enjoy. Hopefully it will be as productive as last years garden! What about you? Have you started your garden yet? Perhaps even harvested something already? Leave me a comment and let me know how your garden is growing...


  1. What are those trays you've got them in? Is that something Peter rigged up with the drains, or did you buy them somewhere? Neat idea...

  2. I almost mentioned those and then forgot...so I've corrected it under the picture now if you want to know what they are. :-) Thanks for the reminder!


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