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I haven't done a Top Ten post in a while, so thought I would shoot off a quick list of my top ten favorite jazz/easy listening/lounge artists/albums. Our music collection has slowly developed over the years and we have very eclectic taste, but one of the constants has been our love of good jazz and/or lounge music. In fact, we're the proud owners of a LP album of Walter Wanderley's Rain Forest organ music. Yes, I said organ. It was $2 at a used book/music store and we had no idea what it was when we purchased it. Came home and put it on the record player and fell in love with organ lounge music. I told you we had eclectic taste! ;-)  But that's enough of that...here's my top ten list for the week.

Carrie's Top Ten Favorite Jazz/Easy Listening/Lounge Artists and/or Albums (in no particular order):
  1. Diana Krall (We have her Very Best Of album and love her style)
  2. Harry Connick, Jr. (I like most of his albums, but Only You is one of my favorites)
  3. Miles Davis (Favorites are: Relaxin' and Love Songs) 
  4. Chris Botti (I have yet to find an album of his I don't like. Try: When I Fall in Love and A Thousand Kisses Deep for starters)
  5. Michael Buble (Great voice! I don't own any of his albums as I listen to most of his stuff using Internet radio stations, like Martini In the Morning)
  6. Natalie Cole (Like her father before her, she has a voice that is Unforgetable. Check out Take a Look or her Christmas album)
  7. Dave Brubeck (Start with his Greatest Hits album and go from there)
  8. Steve Tyrell (I first heard him in the movie Father of the Bride. A New Standard and Standard Time are two good ones)
  9. Robbie Williams (Okay, the only song I really like from him is his version of Beyond the Sea which plays at the end of Finding Nemo. But I love the song! You might check out his Swing CD)
  10. Dean Martin (I just like his singing style. For starters, try his Essential collection of 30 songs)
I could go on with more (we have a large collection), but it's time for bed, so I'll stop here. If you come to our house there is always music playing, and around November the Christmas music starts for at least two months! :-) What kind of music do you like listening to? What calms you down and helps you to relax? What's your "go to" CD or play list after a hard day? Don't be a lurker - stop and say hello! Until next time, happy listening!

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  1. Thanks to you I have pretty much all of these albums! :) I go to sleep every night to Christ Botti, When I Fall in Love. :)

  2. Ok, not Christ Botti, Chris Botti....yikes!


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