Burn Out, Blogging and Books

There are times when I get tired of this blog and wonder why I bother. Does anyone read it? Do they really care about what I have to say? Do I have anything worthwhile to say? And why should anyone listen to me? These are just a few questions that were spinning around in my head on Friday - it had been a bad day and I was having a pity-party...these things happen to the best of us. However, it did cause me to start thinking about the blog and how much time I wanted to spend on it and what I wanted to use it for and about a zillion other thoughts and questions.

I honestly like the blog because it helps me dust off my writing skills and reminds me that once upon a time I went to college and earned a degree in this writing stuff (technically it was English, PR, and journalism). Peter continues to push me to write a book - and what better place to practice than on a blog where people can read it or not? Rhetorical question. Still, there are long periods of time when I feel that I am writing to the void. And then I run into someone at a store and they mention something I wrote about that day or a few days prior and I realize that people are out there. Lurking. It's intimidating and exciting and makes me view everything in my daily life through different eyes. I'm pretty sure that Peter is growing tired of me taking pictures of our food just in case I need it for a blog post! :-)

If you're wondering, they were low-carb, high-protein, SB-friendly, and tasted delightful!

So what's my point? Well, first of all...Say Hello. Please. And then, let me know what you would like to hear about. I'm thinking of writing more book reviews and fewer money-saving tips because there are a plethora of frugal blogs out there with much better tips than I can offer. Another bonus is that if I wrote more book review posts it would give me an excuse to read more because I need material to write about! Smart thinking, right? :-) I'm sure the there are an equally large number of book blogs (compared to frugal/coupon blogs), but I think it sounds like fun. More reading (and writing) for me, more book ideas for you lurkers, with a few sprinklings of other life stuff thrown in. Thoughts? Suggestions? Book suggestions? I'm here...so talk to me.


  1. I'm lurking :-) I'd love the occasional blog about all the foreign cultures you have experienced. The Bowsers are always coming up with random things to tell me about Peru / Mexico and I love it!

  2. I don't know if I'd say LURKING but I am a faithful reader ( and not just because we're related, either. I'm being referred to a book club this Fall, will let you know of any great reads. Meanwhile, we're busy with that moving thing.... ;-)


  3. I'm a lurker too. :o) I think you've got a pretty good mix of subjects going - I like the variety. Maybe add some random funny stories?


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